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Are you a flexworker from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Turkey and/or Portugal and do you want to be matched in real time with available jobs in the Netherlands? Become a friend of Pjotr!

Create your own “Friend of Pjotr” profile and let Pjotr know about your wishes and needs with regard to working, living, transportation, training, contract duration and wages. Pjotr will show you in real time what jobs best suit your needs and wishes. You can also see the experiences that other friends of Pjotr had. This lets you decide for yourself what project best suits your personal situation.

Pjotr is also there for you during your flexwork experience. Register the hours you worked, submit them and go through any (safety) instructions and protocols that apply on the work floor in a fun and easy manner. Everything you do in the app earns you points that you can use for (discounts on) training programmes, insurance, other staff conditions or cool events.

Do you already have an account? Log in to the Pjotr app, which you can download from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Do you own or work at a staffing agency in the Netherlands or do you work as a recruiter in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Turkey and/or Portugal? Would you like to become a business partner of Pjotr? Read more on the Partners of Pjotr page.

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