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Business friends of Pjotr experience:

Easier, faster and more qualitative matching process

Find the right person for the right job in real time


More time, better results

Freedom of choice

You decide what best suits your company or organisation

Lower costs

Save at least 10% on your costs

Focus on your own services

Pjotr takes matters out of your hands. More time and attention for the person behind the client and the flexworker.

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Friends of Pjotr get to enjoy:

Real-time matching

Your availability, work experience and work-related wishes are matched with starting date, duration, suitable work and compensation.

Freedom of choice

You get to choose what kind of work, residence, training and transportation best suit your expectations and wishes.


You are guaranteed to get the job you accepted.


You will know exactly what to expect.


Everything gathered together in one place, easy and simple to use

About Pjotr

Pjotr helps European flexworkers create their own flexwork experience in Europe. The Pjotr App offers the best match selected from our range of work mediation agencies and recruiters – all in real time. It takes into account a person’s availability, work history, ambitions, living and development wishes and opportunities. Pjotr works for flexworkers, staffing agencies/recruiters and end clients. By using the app, you automatically become a friend of Pjotr. As a friend of Pjotr, you will receive all necessary (company-specific) information, safety instructions and tools before you leave for the Netherlands. On top of that, you will save points with everything you do in the Pjotr app. You can use these points to further expand your flexwork experience and make it even more fun and personal.